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123 HP Printer Software Download

The setup page, aids the users to configure 123.hp.com for the first time, as well as during the subsequent needs. Follow the efficient steps provided in the page, to set up all the features of  123hp com printer.

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Easy and Quick Setup Support for HP Printers
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Choose Your 123 HP Printer

123 HP Envy Printers

123.hp.com/envy printer setup, install, driver download, wps setup

123.hp.com/envy printers comes as an apt device for small set-ups such as home usage. They offer great photo print quality with pigmented black and color inks.

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123 HP Officejet Printers

123.hp.com/officejet printer setup, install, driver download, wps setup

123 HP Officejet printers are designed for office use that needs high accuracy. It also includes fax support that is necessary for official work.

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123 HP Officejet Pro Printers

123.hp.com/officejet pro printer setup, install, driver download, wps setup

123.hp.com/ojpro printers are a lavish line of printers which come with many added benefits and features which are worthy for every penny you spent.

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123 HP Deskjet Printers

123.hp.com/deskjet printer setup, install, driver download, wps setup

123 HP Deskjet printers cater to all your needs ranging from the basic necessities to even wireless functionalities. This is great for home users who need a wide range.

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123 HP Photosmart Printers

123.hp.com/photosmart printer setup, install, driver download, wps setup

123 HP Photosmart printers are a premium printer that prints high-quality photos. It has many beneficial features such as in-built wireless, scanning, sharing and can also print wirelessly from a smartphone. It balances the quality and resolution.


123 HP Laserjet Printers

123.hp.com/laserjet printer setup, install, driver download, wps setup
123.hp.com/laserjet printers are great for office use and have additional features like wireless direct printing, touch-to-print. This would allow work to be done smarter and easier, that drives the users to get the proficient setup.


123 HP Laserjet Pro Printers

123.hp.com/laserjet pro printer setup, install, driver download, wps setup
123 HP Laserjet Pro printers have extensive features that help in producing professional, efficient documents every single time and usage for the trouble-free setup and performances using HP Printer on connection.


123 HP Pagewide Printers

123.hp.com/pagewide printer setup, install, driver download, wps setup
123.hp.com/pagewide printers are the best business printers due to its great quality, low cost, two-sided printing, and many other great features which helps in producing rich quality and flawless setup on your HP printer.


123 HP First Time Printer Setup

step 1:123 HP Printer Unboxing

Once HP printer package arrives, the first step is to unpack the device from the box and place it in the selected place, follow the steps provided below.

  • After you receive the print package, take out hp printer setup from the box and throw away the tapes and wrappers filled in, for protection. Look for the contents in the box to ensure the presence of all accessories.
  • The package and the website will include the list of What’s in the box. Make use of it to cross-check the package. Trace the input and output tray of 123.hp.com/setup printer and lift it open. Check for the packaging materials in the slot.
  • Clear out the ink cartridge slot too. Make sure to place 123 hp setup on a flat workstation or counter preferably near the computer, before connecting the power and electrical cords. Before throwing away the box, ensure that all the hardware are removed from it.

step 2:Connect to Power Source to 123 HP Printer

After unboxing 123 HP printer, the power and electrical cords should be connected to HP printer and computer. Follow the steps given below, to do so.

  • Before powering up the 123 hp setup printer, check the source of connection. Make sure that the wall socket is present nearby HP printer. There should also be continuous electricity supply to dodge from any interruptions during the printing.
  • Also, check that the electrical cord is of a good length to reach the wall socket. If not, keep handy a power extender to enable the connections. Extract the power cables from the box and remove the packaging. Attach the power cord to 123 hp printer setup and computer.
  • Connect the electrical cord to the power source and turn it on. Once the connections are made, locate the power button on HP printer control panel and turn on HP printer.

step 3:123 HP Installing Ink Cartridges

After 123 HP printer turns on, put in the ink cartridges accordingly, by following the guidelines given below in this section.

  • The HP package will include the official HP inks. Make sure to use these cartridges to get quality prints. Also while changing the old cartridges, replace it with HP ink cartridges. Power up 123.hp.com’setup, by connecting the power cords.
  • Open the ink cartridge access door, and wait until HP printer gets idle. Get the ink cartridges from the package and remove the protective wrappings from it. Keenly, hold the cartridge by the black plastic area, else the ink may leak from the cartridge.
  • Hold on to the ink cartridge by the sides and push it into the corresponding ink slots.

step 4:Loading Paper to 123 HP Printer

Once the ink cartridge installation is complete, load the papers in the printer. The instructions, given below, guides to load the papers.

  • Before installing the papers in the input tray of the 123.hp.com/setup printer, check the various sizes of papers that can be used in HP printer. Locate and open the paper input tray, check whether there are any packaging materials, if yes, remove them.
  • Extend the paper width guide to the maximum to the left side, to fit in the papers. Load the required size of papers in the paper input tray. While loading put in the short side first and the side for printing facing below.
  • Till it stops, push the stack of papers inside. Tweak the paper guides, to fit the stack of papers, without causing distress. Once loaded, close the paper input tray of HP printer and continue with the printing.
123 HP Most Important Printer Models

123 HP Printer Services

123 HP Copy Setup

Making a copy of a document or a photo has become simple. A single multifunction HP printer can do both printing and copying. Easily make copies of the files using a single printer effortlessly.

123 HP Print setup

The primary function of a printer is printing files. 123.hp.com/setup printer offers an easy and flexible way of printing, which makes the user’s life simple and less time-consuming. On a click, avail sheets of prints from 123 HP printer.

123 HP Scan Setup

Turn the hard file of a document into a softcopy, with the help of the scan option. A unified 123.hp.com printer will come with the scan option. Simply, place the document on the scan bed to convert it into a soft copy.

123 HP Fax Setup

HP printers also come with Faxing facility. Fax is mainly for transferring a document through a wireless or Ethernet type connection. Usually, a unified HP printer comes with print, copy, scan and fax facilities.

123 HP Cloud Print Setup

Users with Google accounts can benefit from the Cloud print feature. Simply, connect 123 HP printer to the required Google account and let it access the files for printing from the Cloud storage.

123 HP Air Print Setup

Files for printing can be sent from devices with iOS software easily with the help of the Airprint setup. Register HP printer on the Apple site and follow by sending the files directly to the HP printer.

123 HP Driver Installation

The primary function of a 123.hp.com printer driver is to enhance and improve the workability of the HP printer. The driver can be easily downloaded and installed on both Windows and Mac device. Surf and open the HP webpage to explore the various driver packages available for all range of 123 hp printer setup printers. Download it to the computer, and go through the steps provided in the driver install section.

123 HP Driver Installation for Windows

To install HP printer driver on a Windows computer, follow the instructions provided in this section.

  • Seek for and locate the power button on the 123 hp driver download printer control panel. Click on it to turn on HP printer. Look for and check whether HP printer and computer are connected with any wires or USB. If yes then disconnect them.
  • Go to the 123.hp.com and look for the driver and software download tab. select the required Printer and go for the congruous driver package. Also, check for the source of connection between the computer and HP printer. Look to it, that they are connected securely.
  • Access the download folder from the computer and look for the downloaded driver. Right click on it and install the driver on the computer. Send a print job to HP printer to after the installation to make sure of the driver’s functionality.

123 HP Driver Installation for Mac

To install 123 HP printer driver on a Mac computer, follow the instructions provided in this section.

  • Turn on the 123.hp.com/setup printer, by pressing the power button located on HP printer control panel. Visit the Apple site and look for the most compatible printer driver. Download it and follow the guidelines on the screen to install the driver on the computer.
  • From the computer, open the system preferences menu. Access HP printer and scanner option from the menu, which will display the list of devices connected to the computer. From the menu, select the name of HP printer.
  • If Printer’s name is not found in the list, try to reinstall HP printer driver. Go to the downloads folder and look for the downloaded file. Right click on it and select install. After the installation is complete, test send a print job to HP printer, to ensure the installation.
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123 HP Wireless Setup

123 HP Wireless Setup for Windows

Follow the instructions provided in this section, to configure the wireless setting on the Windows computer.

  • Prior to setting up the wireless network for Windows, gather the network’s name, its security passcode. Connect the computer to the wireless network. Turn on the computer and 123.hp.com/setup printer and ensure that both are connected to the same wireless network.
  • Remove if any USB or electrical cords are connected to the devices. From the 123 hp wireless printer control panel, click on the wireless button. Access the wireless setup wizard to get the list of wireless networks available in the area. Connect HP printer to the preferred network.
  • Visit the HP page and type in the name of HP printer, in the software and download tab. It will display a list of printer packages. From this, select and download the most congruous printer driver. Install it on the computer.

123 HP Wireless Setup for Mac

To set up the wireless configuration in the Mac device, follow the guidelines given in this section below.

  • Note down the name of the network and the password before going on with the wireless set up. Power up HP printer and the computer, connect  123.hp.com printer to the wireless network. Make sure that HP printer and computer are connected to the same network.
  • Check if the devices are connected with any USB or electrical cord, if you find any, remove them. Make sure that the computer’s software is up to date. If not, go to the Apple website, download and install the newest version of the software.
  • From HP printer control panel, open the wireless setup wizard. This option will include the catalog of names of the various wireless networks from the vicinity. Select and connect HP printer to the desired network and proceed with the printing.
123 HP Printer Troubleshooting

123 HP Troubleshooting for Windows

  • If HP printer device is stuck with unwanted issues especially on windows, the user has to turn off HP printer device and the computer.
  • Examine the current network settings on windows and then modify it further based on the existing network options on windows for the 123 HP Printer device.
  • It is also important for the user to check the driver and software installation. Browse to the site of HP for choosing the desired driver.
  • Follow the steps for downloading the full feature and then run on it to get it installed on the windows. Leave the devices to be free from the connection.
  • If the corresponding 123.hp.com printer device is not listed in the list, follow the steps for adding HP printer device to the existing list and then continue further.
  • Finally, the user has to check whether the issue is solved or not. Select a file on the computer to print files from HP printer.

123 HP Troubleshooting For Mac

  • If there is an issue occurs on Mac computer, turn off 123.hp.com printer device and then remove all the cables from the ports of HP printer and the computer.
  • Remove the power cables and wires from the devices. It is also must for the user to review the network printer settings at the same time.
  • Go through the installation procedure for installing the driver on the Mac. Before getting into the process, check the availability of HP printer.
  • If the 123.hp.com/setup printer is not found, the user can also add HP printer manually to the following list by following the set of instructions on the Mac computer.
  • Review the settings and then confirm it finally to cope with the changes on a Mac computer. Connect the cable and then turn on the device.
  • After the successful connection, choose a file and then try to print files from the corresponding printer device.
Frequently Asked Questions

Where I can find my IP address?

From the computer, access HP printers and fax menu. Find the name of HP printer and right click on it. Ports tab in the properties bar will display the IP address.

How to Manage Factory reset?

Power down the device and remove the cables. Reconnect them after a few seconds and turn it on. Press the resume option till the light turns on after the factory reset.

How to connect via WiFi direct?

Note down the network name and password, and press the wireless direct option on 123 HP printer wireless. Connect the mobile device to the network and turn on the WiFi direct option.

How to clean my printhead?

Install the paper in the input tray and long press the power button on the control panel. Cancel the process twice and resume it. Once it resumes, release the power button.

How to Change the Ink Cartridges?

Turn off  printer and take out the old ink cartridges. Power it up and install the new batch of ink cartridges in the correct slot and close the ink cartridge access door.

Can I connect printer to wireless network?

Open the setup option and go to the wireless set up wizard and look for the home network. Validate the network by keying in the password and connect to it.

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